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We have a feeling that we know why you’re reading this right now.

We’ve worked with plenty of people and businesses who have had to cobble together 9 different software programs to keep everything straight, or who just wash their hands of it all and put everything on the same credit card only to find that when they try to clean things up every year, it’s a giant headache.

Our philosophy is, leave it to the professionals.

We aren’t here to bash anyone because the team at The Bethesda CPA understands how complicated things can get. We are here to properly monitor profit margins, cash controls, account management, tax strategy and all of the myriad components of an effective financial system for your business and even for you and your family.

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We Believe That Competence Is The Key To Resolving Your Tax Issues in Bethesda

We understand the stress most individuals and business owners go through and we pride ourselves in having the most pleasant accounting and tax professionals on our team. At The Bethesda CPA, we are prepared to explain in detail the accounting and tax processes so you are involved every step of the way.

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Services Offered by Your Bethesda CPA Firm

At The Bethesda CPA Firm, we provide a complete offering of accounting, financial and tax services for small businesses and for individuals.

Our Tax Services

- Fast, Accurate Tax Preparation
- Tax Planning For Big Savings
- Estate and Trust Tax Services

Tax Problem Resolution

“Innocent Spouse” IRS Relief
Payroll Tax Protection
What Does The IRS “Have” On You

For Small Businesses

- QuickBooks Help
- Advisory Services
- Fractional CFO Services

Additional Services

The team at Bethesda CPA help many issues and problems that come up. We can help!

Accounting News

Take a look at great information about not only accounting, but taxes and financial planning as well. Our team shares loads of tips for our Bethesda accounting clients.


Decreased Taxes By $50,000

TBS Facility Services Group LLC earned over $12 million dollars since inception and there was a tax debt of over $120,000 which the CEO was unable to pay.

The $1M IRS Audit

I had a client come to me who was being audited by the IRS. They owned several properties and a non-real estate business.


Financially Struggling To Building Wealth

10 years ago, a couple owned a business and rental properties generating over $1M in income. However, their reserves were non-existent.

What Clients Say

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We would love to share all about our company but that might be a bit biased so check out what our clients have to say instead. We love allowing them to speak!

Tia Cantrell has worked for our firm both in office and remotely since 2008. She is a very qualified CPA with outstanding work habits and her knowledge in the field of accounting and tax is exemplary. Our clients absolutely love her, and we feel fortunate to have her help us each year during our busy tax season. We highly recommend Tia if you are in need of a CPA's service.

    Tia has outstanding work habits.

    C.J. and Jane Babbit, C.J.Babbit, CPA, Inc.

    Tia has educated me for over 15 years on how to become financially literate and healthy. She's an amazing resource and I value her expertise and advice. Thanks to Tia, I was exposed at an early age to Dave Ramsey and other financial planning tools. She is dedicated to helping others reach their financial goals! Thank you so much for the invaluable lessons and life hacks!

      Tia educated me for over 15 years.

      Mary Gomarteli

      I am business owner and previously had a pleasure work with Tia and she was always very helpful, professional and very easy to work with. And now since all her services 100% online I am looking forward for opportunity to be able to do business with her again! Thank you so much!

        Tia was always very helpful.

        BirchTree Construction LLC

        Tia has always been there to provide a valuable advice on financial matters when needed. Tia is a hardworking, reliable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and generally a very positive person with a huge intellectual resource. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help or just some advice in financial matters.

          Tia has always been there to provide a valuable advice.

          Tsira Kvaratskhelia

          Tia Cantrell is highly knowledgeable professional. She has dealt with some complex bilateral US-CA taxation matters. Tia delivers top notch service with high degree of reliability and punctuality. Highly recommended.

            Tia Cantrell is highly knowledgeable professional.

            George Natsvlishvili

            I highly recommend Creative Solutions CPA. Tia is an exceptional accountant and the biggest benefit of working with her for over 14 years is how she has truly helped get things in order for us. She provides great customer service and is very professional all the while being very timely, detailed and efficient.The credibility she carries and the accuracy with which she presents data is second to none. When our business comes across situations that we are unsure of, Tia is only a phone call away and consistently gives me the answers I need in a timely fashion. Besides providing us with accounting and consulting services, Tia is very accommodating, often times working well beyond normal working hours and going above and beyond to help deliver solutions. Tia makes it all seem do-able, attainable and painless. I would never work with anyone else.

              Tia makes it all seem do-able, attainable and painless. I would never work with anyone else.

              Hetal Parekh

              About Tia Cantrell, CPA

              Tia Cantrell was born in the Republic of Georgia, in the seaside palm tree shaded city of Sokhumi on the Black Sea. She became a refugee at the age of 13. Her entire family was displaced as a result of a punitive post-Soviet war. Tia’s parents stayed back until the very last day and spent the rest of their lives hoping one day they would get to go back to the home they missed so much. Unfortunately, that’s one dream she has not been able to help them realize.

              At 16, Tia became an exchange student and came to an American high school, completely mesmerized by the new culture. She went back to Georgia, and 5 years later her American host parents gave her an opportunity of a lifetime to come back to the US and start a new life in the States. That’s one gift that Tia can never fully repay them for. It was priceless to her.

              Tia Cantrell entered college not quite sure of the path she would choose. That changed when Dr. Terrell entered her classroom. She was strong, vibrant, extremely competent with a knack to make the most complex topics easily understood. During her class she would tell stories from when she and her husband owned and operated a public accounting firm for 18 years. She shared that they would help clients from all walks of life. That was the spark that ignited the beginning of Tia’s lifelong love of accounting and finances, a critical trait that makes a true difference in delivering quality solutions to her clients to this day.

              That lifelong love was also made possible by a handsome Tennessean she met along her journey. Many years later, with two little girls and their share of ups and downs, they are still going strong and Tia is confident that she wouldn’t change a thing.

              In Tia’s own words:

              As a young mom, and early in my career, I worked in government internal auditing, eventually transitioning to project/program management, leading large-scale financial software implementations, facilitating complex issue resolutions across teams, departments and organizations. (Boy! That’s a mouthful!)

              That was all great but I couldn’t live without those numbers (it really is a curse!) so in a parallel path I supported two full-service CPA firms, true giants in their field, David Clampitt, CPA and CJ Babbit, CPA. I was truly fortunate to have had such amazing mentors. These two positions completely influenced my style and the way I approach problem resolution for my own business and individual clients today.

              That is why North Bethesda CPA was born: to help me and the employees who share my vision to take a holistic view of your finances and tailor our services to deliver the best value to our clients. Make an appointment with us. You’ll learn for yourself how we can help. Click here to get started. 

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